writer & director



I was born in Italy in 1982. That event overshadowed the fact that Italy won the World Cup (at least for my parents) and is remembered as one of the most important ones in history (at least by me).

I wrote my first story when I was 7 (The Mystery of the Mysterious Woman of Mystery), and had my first published poem at age 15 - thankfully, those first works are lost to the sands of time, sparing the harsh judgement of my adult self - but the damage was done, as I would never stop writing.

I’ve lived in many places but Cork (Ireland) is my home.

When I’m not writing or watching obscure B-movies about sentient alien tentacles, I like to play my guitar and drive around Ireland with my 1973 bus Charlie, my 1985 wife Silvia, and my 2020 McCoy surfboard.

And when the skies are clear, with a telescope - because we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.



2024 - "Party's Over - PILOT", an Irish Sit-Com (Spaced for modern times);
2023 - "The Secret Seas of Puglia", Audio Series, Writer & Director (ITA / ENG)
2022 -The Venetian, Audio Series, Head Writer & Director;
2020 - “Trigger Warning”, award-winning short movie, Writer & Director;
2019 - "I Live For You", Music Video for indie singer-songwriter, Director;
2017 - “Dead Men Naked”, best-selling Indie Urban-Fantasy Novel (“A prose & story as if Neil Gaiman had a baby with Denis Johnson”);
2016 - “Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies”, a collection of short stories previously published in highly respected (and in some less-than-respected) literary magazines around the world;
2012 - “Impurita”, a best-selling Novelette, selected as “Best Short Book” by Apple iBooks in 2012.